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SlipKnoT fans

Voice your opinon

Home For Maggots
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OK kids, here we go!! this is a community for Slipknot fans(maggots) to express their opinon about everything SlipKnoT. there are some rules:

1. it's ok to say that band members are hot, but please don't OBSSESE, it really get annoying after a while
2. if someone expresses a opinon that differs from yours, dont send a hateful comment, but feel free to argue IN A RESPECTFUL WAY and use swear words only as adjective that express you veiw pint, and not toward the other person
3. don't be mean, and if you don't like someone, deal with it and don't be a whiney little bitch
4. no commenting if the entree has over 25 comments already

if you don'y follow the rules, you will be kicked out. thanks tons!